Happy $%&* Birthday!

When you are friends with someone since you were 14, you experience it all together.  My friend Mary Beth has been the most wonderful friend to me over the years and really kicked it up a notch when my mom passed away.  I don’t know how people survive great tragedy without being surrounded by a village.  I am so thankful for mine. She has a big birthday coming up and I wanted to make sure all of her amazingness was captured.  Here she is with her family.  Can you tell that she is an actress?  The drama just comes naturally. 🙂

claire-bunn-photography_rim-thomas-family-1PIN claire-bunn-photography_rim-thomas-family-2PIN

We were pregnant twice at the same time.  Our kids get along wonderfully.  Natalia had to jump in with the youngest and I couldn’t resist their cuteness.

claire-bunn-photography_rim-thomas-family-3PIN claire-bunn-photography_rim-thomas-family-4PIN

claire-bunn-photography_rim-thomas-family-5PIN claire-bunn-photography_rim-thomas-family-6PIN claire-bunn-photography_rim-thomas-family-7PIN claire-bunn-photography_rim-thomas-family-8PIN claire-bunn-photography_rim-thomas-family-9PIN claire-bunn-photography_rim-thomas-family-10PIN claire-bunn-photography_rim-thomas-family-11PIN claire-bunn-photography_rim-thomas-family-12PIN claire-bunn-photography_rim-thomas-family-13PIN claire-bunn-photography_rim-thomas-family-14PIN claire-bunn-photography_rim-thomas-family-15PIN claire-bunn-photography_rim-thomas-family-16PIN

Happy Birthday my beautiful friend!  I love you dearly! xoxoxoxo


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