As a parent, do you constantly feel like you don't have enough hours in the day?

 Juggling the kids, pets, home, work, and spouse is a lot to handle on a daily basis.  You’d love to have pictures to remember these very amazing yet exhausting days but the thought of squeezing a photo session into your already packed schedule actually feels impossible.  The problem is, kids keep getting older as we try to find time in our schedule.  

Putting off that photo session to next month quickly becomes next year.  Before you know it, that tiny toddler is now an energetic 8 year old.  I’ve had too many parents contact me out of a moment of panic because they realize they have missed so many years of documenting these precious memories and couldn’t be put off any longer.

There are a thousand reasons why you just don’t have enough time to schedule that family photo session but one reason to make the time…your children are only little for so long.  

You don’t have to be perfectly dressed and in an exotic location to create beautiful family photos.  Imperfectly perfect, casual family photos celebrate the love between family members and the playfulness of childhood.

I will work my calendar around your calendar.  Only free around 1 pm on a Tuesday at your local playground?  No problem, I’ll be there.

Want to stay in your pjs and make breakfast at 7 am on a Sunday?  I’ll be there to photograph those memories too.

Want to take a bike ride around your neighborhood and then work in your garden?  Fantastic.  Happy to document.

Together we’ll make it work.

Imperfectly perfect, casual family photos celebrate the love between family members and the playfulness of childhood.

Imperfectly perfect, casual family photos celebrate the love between family members and the playfulness of childhood.

You Don't Have To Go Far For A Great Backdrop

The simplest environment can create the prettiest backdrop.  The images below are taken on my street’s cul de sac.  There were no majestic mountains or lapping ocean waves, just your everyday neighborhood street, including trash cans and a basketball net.  What is more important than finding the perfect location is the lighting and the people, as illustrated by the adorable pair below.

Family's Who Saved Time And Energy Staying Close To Home

If the weather outside is sweltering hot or freezing cold, having a photo session in your home can be the perfect solution.   Being able to document how hard it is for your toddler to climb on the sofa becomes a treasured memory when they become a teenager that towers over you.

Sometimes heading out to your favorite local playground helps kill two birds with one stone.  Getting some energy out and creating genuine giggles is easy in a place built with fun.  

Having a family photo session at home also means you can combine both indoor and outdoor moments.  Being able to document moments, like first steps, in your child’s bedroom is a wonderful gift for your child when they grow up.  Even in the winter, you can throw on a coat and have fun in the backyard.  

Sometimes starting your photo session at home leads to exploring your neighborhood.  These are memories that will be treasured when your little one is all grown up.

Your own backyard can often be the perfect place for your family photo session.  This family had an amazing swingset that these kids will remember for a lifetime.  However, even an empty green space can be all that’s needed to have fun.

Documenting childhood memories goes way beyond a beautiful group family photos.  Don’t forget about their current love of frogs, hop skotch, swinging, etc.  

What does a photo session include?

~ Let me do most of the planning so our time together will be fun and stress free.  

~ Do you have an ideal location that captures the essence of your family?  Let’s go there!  If not, I will help you find the perfect location for your session.  We could stay in your own backyard, go to a local park, or even meet up at the Jersey Shore.  

~ In addition to sending you my What To Wear Guide, I will help you coordinate outfits.

~ Once I’ve carefully cultivated your gallery, we will meet in person to review your photos and help you decide what printed products will look beautiful in your home.

*Please note that the session fee does NOT included printed products or digital files.*

*Packages range from $600 – $1500.*  

Fill the walls of your home with your memories.

Did you know that having family photos displayed in your home boosts your child’s self esteem by reinforcing that they are a valued part of the family? Having family portraits displayed through your home is a beautiful way to celebrate your family members and reinforce your child’s place in their family.


Determining what size print to order for your walls can be daunting. Many people can’t think past an 8×10 print, which can be way too small for the space. Claire will use software to create mock ups of the images from your session on your home’s wall. A properly sized print can make a dramatic impact on the space.

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