The Power of a Print



In a time where technology is omnipresent, you probably have a number of pictures of your child. So many snapshots that will be great for recalling memories. However, if we are all honest, so many of those images are left on cell phones or computers. They are so abundant that it is overwhelming. So much that they are never printed, organized, and sometimes lost all together to a computer malfunction or lost phone. There are no shoeboxes of random photos that your children will be able sift through when they get older. No photo albums to show their future spouse. So many memories will be lost and your child will not be able to relive all of those wonderful family memories you recorded.

Photography is my passion because I think photos are one of the most important things in your life. They are a ticket to a moment otherwise gone. My goal for all of my families is to have printed images from their session with me. I understand the desire for digital files and use them regularly myself. However, a printed photo is a gift for generations to come. Technology is changing so quickly nowadays that saving images as digital files is a challenge. Who knows what technology will be like 20 years from now and if you will be able to access those treasured memories. Prints, canvases, photo albums, etc printed by professional labs will ensure that those images will be available to enjoy for years to come.

Wall Galleries



Wall prints have the power to turn a house into a home. The interior designer in me comes out when I prepare wall gallery mock-ups. I love to combine images from a session in a graphic manner so your images have presence and interest. Selecting the right images and frames can breathe life into the simplest of spaces. It has been proven that having images of your family present throughout your home can boost your child’s self esteem and give them a sense of belonging. I have software that allows me to take images from your session and place them into a stock background or into a photograph of a wall in your home. This allows you to see exactly what image you want to use, and what size you would like it in, removing all guesswork and anxiety from the ordering process.

Staircase Mock-Up

Wall Gallery Mock-Up


Wall galleries are a great way to display a number of images together. Sometimes a family has an existing gallery that they want to enhance with a few images from their session. I have software that shows exactly how your session images will work with your existing images.

Below is a cell phone picture I took of a family’s wall gallery so we could figure out what images we wanted to print and which frame to use before we placed their order. It takes a lot of guessing and anxiety out of the ordering process. There are no surprises on scale or how they images will look together.

Wall Mock Up Image


Photo Album

Whether you don’t have enough wall space or if you can’t narrow down the images from your gallery, an album is a wonderful way to tell your family’s story.  All photo albums are handmade, have linen wrapped covers, and lay flat photographic pages that will live on for generations to enjoy.


Album Mock UpCordrey Family_01

Digital Files


My World_072

Digital files are everywhere and I completely understand why you would want to have all of your images kept as digital files. There is a sense of security that comes from knowing there is backup of your cherished prints. My biggest fear is always linked to a house fire. Knowing that I have my images backed up on external hard drives as well as online gives me a small sigh of relief in case of a tragedy. It is why the majority of my collections also include digital files in addition to print products. I like for my families to have the best of both worlds. I know that parents want to make calendars, coffee mugs, mousepads, etc. There are so many great photo gift ideas out there that your options are endless.

However, while I enjoy a jpeg as much as the next guy, there is something big about having a high quality print displayed in your house. Professional prints are coordinated with my computer for the best output possible. The overall quality that comes from a professional lab is far superior to any retail store a family would be able to use. The images will not fade or deteriorate over time. They are made to stand the test of time and become memories for future generations to enjoy and treasure.


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