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Are you an expecting parent hoping to have their newborn baby photographed but have no clue what to expect?  Have no fear, Claire is here.  Please keep scrolling to learn about what expect from a newborn session with me.


Here is what you will learn on this page:

A link to my Welcome Guide, full of helpful information as well my price list

Learn the simple steps to having a fabulous photo session

Detailed info on what to expect from your newborn session

Some helpful tips to prepare for your session

Information about my Belly to Baby Collection

A section on getting to know each other

Some helpful blog posts 

Welcome Guide

To help you fully understand how a photo session with Claire Bunn Photography works, I have created a handy-dandy guide for your reference.  Please click the button below to access the Welcome Guide.  This pdf will also be included in your Welcome Email from me.

Steps for fabulous family photos

Step 1:

Let's have a chat


I will call you within 24 hours of you submitting your contact form.

During this time we will discuss what you are looking . The phone call helps me custom design a photo session for your family.

Step 2:

Have fabulous photo shoot


Your newborn session will take place in the family's home. This reduces stress on your family and makes it easier on everyone involved, including me.  Even though it is indoor, we still need sunny weather outside to light the inside of the house.

Step 3:

View your images


About 2 weeks after your photo session, we will meet up at your home to view the beautiful images from your photo session.  I will come with product samples and other tools to help you decide how to incorporate your images in your home.

Step 4:

Enjoy for generations


Celebrate your family with  printed photos in your home by displaying them on your walls or cherishing them in albums.  Your images are printed on high quality paper and are designed to last for generations to treasure.

What To Expect For Your Newborn Session

Pregnancy is overwhelming and exhausting.  The 9 months before the little one arrives is filled with so much planning and activity that it is easy to tire yourself before you deliver.  As a mom of two myself, I understand the chaos and exhaustion that comes post partum as well.  While wanting pictures of you with your precious baby sounds amazing, it can also feel overwhelming.  However, this is where I can come in and take care one thing off of your overflowing plate.  Once the baby is born and you are feeling physically/mentally ready for photos, I will come to your home for your newborn session.  


Below is what to expect from a newborn sesion with me.

Where: Your Home

No need to make the arduous journey of leaving the house with a newborn baby, I make it easy by coming to your home for the newborn session.  

When: 11:00 am

Start time will be 11:00 am, which allows for you to slowly transition into your day without rushing and the house will be filled with light.  

How...long: 2-3 hours

While I don't put a time limit on newborn sessions, I typically spend about 2-3 hours on a newborn session.  This allows time for feedings, diaper changes, and, the inevitable, crying.  No worries, I have lots of patience and we will just spend some quality time together while we wait it out.  In fact, when we do get the baby settled, I often have the parents eat lunch while I photograph the baby by themself.

What...to wear: Dress Casually

No need to get dressed up for a newborn session, in fact, you won't even wear your shoes.  Dressing in stylish but casual and comfy clothes is a good approach when planning your outfits for a newborn session.  Wear clothes that are good for cuddling, esp for that brand new baby skin.  However, make sure it has a complementary fit, is in good condition (no holes/stains), and neutral colors are timeless.  


In addition to casual but stylish clothes, make sure everyone has a washed face, combed hair, and clean/cut nails.  Light makeup for those who wear makeup.

Who...is included: The whole family

I am not a newborn photographer that puts your baby into intricate poses. While I will take some pictures of your little angel alone, the majority of the pictures will be spent cuddling with Mom, Dad, and siblings.  My goal is to capture the connection between family members and the personality of the wee one.  After all, before you know it, that tiny baby will be much too big to hold in your arms before you know it. |

Helpful Tips

Tip #1:  Your house doesn't have to be spotless.

Being pregnant and delivering a baby are both very exhausting life experiences.  Having a showroom ready house during this high time of stress is unrealistic.  No worries, I have been known to move large piles of laundry out of a shot and then put it right back.  I tend to use the rooms that have the best lighting in the house, sometimes it is the master bedroom, sometimes it is the living room...it all depends on your home.  If it makes you feel more comfortable, tidying the room with the best lighting would be all that you need to worry about.  Plus, seeing the little elements of childhood scattered about the house will bring back fond memories one day.

Tip #2: Stand near windows for beautiful lighting.

Another way to avoid showing any background distractions is to stand near the window, which is also creates pretty lighting and is verycomplimentary.

Tip #3: Think about your must have images from your session.

Here is my recommended shot list for a newborn session for your reference:


Baby alone

Baby with entire family

Baby with both parents

Baby with parent #1

Baby with parent #2

Baby with sibling(s)...if applicable

Baby with pet...if applicable and you trust them


Tip #4: Don't forget about the nursery

So much time, creativity, and love goes into designing your baby's nursery, shouldn't all of that hard workd be documented?  Also, what a gift for your child to be able to look back at the details of a room that they were too young to remember.  

Tip #5: Include the family pet

This is might be your first human baby, but often times you have a fur baby in your home that is a very important member of the family.  

Tip #6: Certain poses will help you feel more comfortable on camera

Your post partum belly most likely feels very different than before you were pregnant.  From personal experience, I understand how that may make you not feel camera ready.  However, there are lots of poses that will conceal any areas of concerns.  Plus you have the best accessory of all...a beautiful baby!

But wait, there's more...

Belly to Baby Collection

Want to savor those last moments before your family grows?  You can add a mini maternity session for $100 when you pay for your newborn session fee of $200.  A mini maternity session is a great way to celebrate your pregnancy and spend some quality time as a couple.

Let's get to know each other...

I fully understand that selecting a photographer can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing.  Who is going to make you feel at ease?  Who is going to capture your family in the right way?  I want my clients to feel valued/confident that they've made the right choice for them.  I want them to feel at ease and excited for the journey ahead.  

Why don't I tell you a bit about me to see if I am the right fit or you.


I am Claire...wife and mom to the amazing gang in this picture.


I am what I like to call, a lifelong creative.  My career first began with designing hospitals across the country before I decided to shift gears and launch Claire Bunn Photography, where I have been photographing families in the Delaware Valley for the past 10+ years.


I am a super laid back person with lots of patience that absolutely loves to laugh.  I also love to travel, cook, and spend time with my family and friends.


I may not be the photographer for you if:


You only want to spend a few minutes to have a few quick pics snapped of your family. 


You only want digital files and have no interest in printed products of any kind.


You don't want to form any type of relationship with your photographer.



I'm a natural caretaker and always treat my clients as if they were my own family.  I absolutely love celebrating your milestones, watching your family grow year after year. From getting the call when you're new baby has arrived or watching your other children become proud older siblings, to documenting graduation day, or capturing a favorite family holiday.  I get such pleasure in celebrating those times with you and capturing images that will be treasured for time to come.  I have developed close relationships with many of the families I have photographed over the years and love to cheer them on as they reach new milestones.


Photography is more than just a digital file to me.  It is a snapshot of a memory and an investment in the time that you wish to cherish forever.  As a photographer and lifelong creative, I wouldn't be doing my job right if I just photographed your family and left you with a bunch of digital files to handle on your own.  As a parent, do you really need one more thing to do?  I know I wouldn't.  Instead, I will hold your hand through the ordering process and help you make decisions that fits your family perfectly.  I offer collections at different price points to suit different budgets and needs, but they do all include some digital files and printed products because this is where I believe the value lies.  All images will be printed on high quality photo paper that will last for generations to enjoy.  Don't worry, I will take care of the ordering process and deliver them directly to you. 


After all, wouldn't you much rather have your family celebrated with a large family photo hung over your fireplace or a beautiful album to be flipped through by your grandchildren, like the image belows, rather than stuck on you computer lost in digital noise?


If you feel that I am the right photographer for you, then you can contact me at the following email address or reach out by phone or text:


Email: claire@clairebunnphotography.com

Phone: 302.530.6253

 There is a $200 session fee to secure your session date and collections start at $600.

"I can't say enough good things about Claire and her photography. She did our family photos this Fall and was so kind and understanding of our baby and his moods! :) The photos were high-quality and turned out beautifully. Claire will now be our go-to for any photography needs in the future! Highly recommend."

Caitlin OCaitlin O

Blog Posts


"Thank you for sharing your time and talent with us!  The pictures capture each of the children's personalities perfectly!  They are simply beautiful!"


"Claire was SO good with my 3.5 and 2.5 year old for our family session.  They really loved her because she took the time to get to know them and make them smile.  Such a sweet person with tons of talent!  I can't rave enough about her and I will be sure to recommend her."


"Claire has been our family photographer since my boys were toddlers (going on 10 years now).  We have moved far away, but we love working with her so much taht we arrange extra time in our US travels to allow special time with Ms. Claire for our family photos. She is able to capture the true spirit of our family every time we see her."


Contact Info:

Claire Bunn Photography is based out of Garnet Valley, PA, USA, and services the Philadelphia Metro/Delaware Valley.

email: claire@clairebunnphotography.com

phone: 302.530.6253



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