When your child comes into the world, every first is a big deal.  You suddenly understand why parents get so excited when their little one lifts their head, rolls over, or puts something to their mouth.  The littlest accomplishments are celebrated with massive jubilation.  So of course, in relation, the very first birthday is something that should be treated as though it is the second coming.

The biggest part of the first birthday that makes it such a huge deal, is that your newborn is now transitioning to a “big kid”.  That the tiny little hand that grabbed your finger in the hospital is now roaming around the house creating noise and mass destruction.  Their little personalities are finally here and they are so much fun.  I love that mom wanted to capture this milestone with me.  This family of four was full of so much love and were a blast to photograph.  They love the spending time together in the kitchen, the pool, or on long walks.  Fun fact, if dad looks familiar, he was in the Sopranos.  How fun!


This set of images with mom and son make my heart happy.  I love documenting the connection between two family members.  Capturing these moments are my main goal for a family.  These are the memories that you will yearn for when they are all grown up.  The hugs, the kisses, the squeals of delight as you throw them in the air.  This is what you want to remember.


Of corse, time with dad can’t be forgotten.  two handsome dudes.


Sometimes older siblings are my best assistants.


Even the toughest of guys turn to mush when they have a daughter.  I love the bond between these two.



When I first met this family, they were a family of three.  Their only child was very serious and shy when he first met me but eventually came around and showed me his wonderfully happy and silly side.  Along comes baby number two and a warm up session was not needed at all.  His happy go lucky personality was evident from the start.  He has a smile and laugh that will warm the worst cynic’s heart.  Editing this session alone had me in ear to ear smiles.  Pair that with absolutely lovely parents that are perfectly laid back and warm and you provide an amazing home for children.


My goodness…I just want to squeeze that face!!!


Am I the only one that is sucker for a baby in a crib?


The hardest part of having a second child is having your first born share your attention.  There are so many wonderful things that go along with having more than one child, however, there is something special about the child that makes you a mom.  It is hard to gently push them away to take care of a completely helpless baby because they used to be your biggest priority.  Big brother was happy to get some snuggle time with mom.  The little smile that came from his once serious face shows that wonderful bond.


One of the best parts of photographing families in their home, is documenting the beauty in every day life.  Peeking in on what life looked like when you are a child is a treat when you become an adult.  This family moved shortly after this session so they most certainly will never remember this apartment without looking back at photos. This image makes me happy because you can see  the evidence of children in the home with their chic style.  I love watching dad sitting on the floor, playing with the kids. Those are the memories you want your children to remember.


Incorporating grandparents into a session is a great way to ramp up the memory making.  There is something so special about watching a grandparent – grandchild bond.


When my son was younger, he was obsessed with Thomas the Train.  When big brother wanted to play with his train with his dad set, I was excited.  Laying out the tracks in different arrangements with a child is a lot of fun.


This was one of my favorite images from the session together.  It is very graphic and I love that it has his little hands in it…plus dad’s encouraging presence can be seen by his shoes in the lower right corner.


Thank you to this family for being such a wonderful family to photograph.  I hope these images help preserve memories of your first home together as a family.


It has been awhile since my last post. There have been a number of dramatic changes in my life that I will update you all in a separate post. However, I wanted to start my newest post continuing from where I left off…kind of like a soap opera. :O)

We last left off with a super stylish, movie star like couple expecting their first child. We were blessed with a beautiful day down the jersey shore. Of course their newborn session was just as amazing. Their daughter’s nursery is breath taking…in fact, I would love her room for myself. The bed and bedding alone make my heart skip a beat.  Thankfully it is also filled with lot of natural light. Watching a couple transition into parenting always warms the heart. These two seem to have transitioned effortlessly.



Fast forward a couple of months…





“A mother’s joy begins when new life is stirring inside…when a tiny heartbeat is heard for the first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone.”

Watching a couple transition into a family is beautiful to watch.  There is something special seeing them focus on each other without distraction before they are thrown into parenthood.  The stars aligned and we were blessed with fantastic weather and an empty beach, add a gorgeous couple to the mix and you have magic.

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Challenging yourself regularly is necessary in order to hone your craft.  Many photographers do a personal project in some  shape or form.  A 365 project is quite popular although daunting.  You have to take one picture and post it every day.  Simple enough but keeping up with it on those super busy days makes it challenging.  I’ve seen many of my photographer friends really grow after tackling a 365 so I have decided to take the leap and do one myself.

Here is the first month of my 365…you can follow me on Instagram as well.  Instagram is where all images will originally be posted.  I encourage you to do a 365 project of your own.  It is a great way to focus on what is important in your life and have a great gift to look back on at the end of the year.

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