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(in photo above: my husband, Omari, son, Gavin, daughter, Natalia, and me, Claire)

Meet Claire

Hi there! My name is Claire and I specialize in maternity, newborn, and family photography for the Philadelphia Metro Area/Delaware Valley.

I am a wife and mom of two. I am obsessed with salt, travel, Pinterest, and pottery. Some of my favorite things are my mom's oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and her chicken pot pie, fireworks, Zumba classes (or simply dancing to anything with a beat...thank you, Pitbull), pasta, the mountains and the ocean - espcially where they meet. I'm a sucker for sitcoms, stand up comedians, and anything with a quirky detective in it.  

Above all, I treasure my family, my friends, my camera equipment, and old photos.  

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About Me

Since I was a child, I have had a deep love for the arts. Whether I was repeatedly rearranging my bedroom, taking summer art classes, or using my Fisher Price 110 camera, the creative world is where I felt at home and thrived. These childhood passions led me to a career as an interior designer. I loved learning about color, composition, and how light affects space. However, photography remained my true passion. My favorite college elective was a black and white film course.  Being able to not only take the pictures but develop the negatives and prints myself felt like magic.  

The economic crisis of 2008 coupled with the birth of my first born led to a career change from interior designer to professional photographer. I was estatic. My new career afforded me the luxury of being there for my own children and documenting their childhoods. It also allows me to document your family's story.  

In addition to loving photography, I have a major soft spot when it comes to children. Children add so much energy and fun to a session. I love interacting with people and building relationships with my families. It is an honor to be let into people's lives and homes. To watch children grow is amazing.

About You

Chances are, if you are reading this about page, you are a mother/father deep in the throes of parenting. Whether you are brand new parents that just brought your first newborn home or you are experienced parents with a number of wee ones running around, you know the feeling of having your heart walking around outside of your body. It is exhilarating and terrifying at the same time.

From the moment your first child is born, you are introduced to a whole new world of busy. You are constantly doing…whether it is feeding, changing diapers, picking up toys, kissing boo boos, chauffeuring to/from games, or completing that last minute school project..parenting is 24/7. It is the most rewarding job on the planet but it is also exhausting. Sometimes your world just feels so busy doing that you do not feel like you are able to sit and savor your children. To actually attempt one of the many activities you pinned on Pinterest or bring your children to one of the many local cultural activities seems so overwhelming when simply getting out of the front door becomes an endeavor itself.

Before you know it, that tiny baby is now heading off to kindergarten and you are wondering how that time went by so quickly. There is a panic that sets in when you realize that what everybody says is absolutely true…IT ALL GOES BY SO FAST. As a parent of two myself, I have had those panic attacks as well. Moments where you just want to freeze time and keep them little forever. My goal for you is to stop time for you by using my camera. To capture your family’s essence, soul, and connection with each other.

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