Meet Claire(16)


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In 2009, my career change to photography happened serendipitously, after losing my first post college job of 10 years as an interior designer. Luckily, both my newborn son and my camera provided an excellent outlet for creativity. I soon found myself embarking on this journey. It started out innocently enough as a child when my parents bought me my first camera, a Fisher Price 110. Over the years I have increased in skill, upgraded in equipment and have always had a camera by my side.

The birth of my son was a catalyst for starting a photography business. Capturing his every moment and the freedom to experience major milestones pushed my passion of photography into a career. The obsession grew deeper in 2013, when I gave birth to my daughter. My experience as an interior designer has given me an appreciation for color, composition and how light affects a space. Being a mom, I understand the need to capture those precious yet fleeting moments that you treasure and love as a parent.  Nothing makes me happier then to preserve those memories for a parent with a photograph. I hope you give me an opportunity to photograph your family.

~ Claire Bunn Family Photographer servicing the Delaware Valley/Philadelphia Metro Area.