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2012-02 The {Z} Twins

It is so exciting when a friend has their first child.  I am always anxious to meet the new bundle of joy but in this case that joy was doubled.  My college roommate recently had two beautiful children – one girl and one boy – an instant perfect family.  Of course I needed to take...

John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge | Philadelphia, PA

As a New Year’s resolution, I am attempting to be a better blogger.  I hope to post about a variety of things in addition to my photo shoots.  Fun places to take your kids will be one of the topics I will blog about.  Thankfully the Delaware Valley has a great amount of things for...

2011 Christmas in New York City

I am fortunate enough to have in laws that live in close proximity to New York City.  When I started spending holidays with my husband’s family, I pleaded with them to take me into the city do all of the touristy Christmas things.  They braved frigid cold nights so I cold get a peek at...

{E} Family Fall Photoshoot | New City, NY

A wonderful aspect of being a photographer is the creative collaboration and friendship with other photographers.  I love having someone to “talk shop with”…heaven knows my husband has been tortured for long enough.  Many of my photographer friends are virtual because I meet them through online workshops where people  are located all over the world. ...

{B} Family Favorites | Ocean City, NJ

I posted a sneak peak of the photos from a session with my cousins and here are more images from that session.  Even though I know many families don’t want a candid shot blown up and hanging in their living room, I am a big fan of the candid shots.  They are the moments that...

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My name is Claire and I am a maternity, newborn, and family photographer servicing the Philadelphia Metro Area/Delaware Valley and beyond.

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