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Get in the picture!!!

I want to give you one very important piece of advice…GET IN THE PICTURE!!! There are so many times people shy away from a camera. Their hair is a mess. They don’t have any makeup on. They want to lose weight. The list goes on. I just want to remind people that they are not...

Super simple and yummy hummus recipe.

Let’s take a break from family photos and talk about hummus. 😉 I like to take a break from blogging about the family’s I photograph and share things, like this hummus recipe, that would be a great resource for the same families I photograph.  :O) One of the many things I miss about my mom...

Must have kitchen essentials

My mother was one of the best cooks I know.  Her cooking is one of the biggest things I miss the most about her.  Thankfully, she did teach me a lot over the years and I am slowly improving in skill.  When I got married, she (and others) helped set me up with some of...

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My name is Claire and I am a maternity, newborn, and family photographer servicing the Philadelphia Metro Area/Delaware Valley and beyond.

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