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Tips for Photographing Very Active Kids

If you’re a parent, you probably understand the concept of never-ending energy better than anyone else. Your kids are always on the go and keeping busy, which is great when you need them to entertain themselves but not always ideal when it’s time for your professional photo sessions. If you’re looking to update your photo...

Photography Tips…simple tips to improve your photographs.

I recently had a conversation with a a new mom that wanted to hire me but also wanted to be able to take good photos of her son on her own on a regular basis.  A completely understandable and simple request.  She was getting frustrated with all of the complicated options that her dSLR and...

Photography Tips: Tip #1 – Get Down on Their Level

In photography tips I will teach you simple tips to improve your photographs. TIP #1: GET DOWN ON THEIR LEVEL!!! Many parents purchase their first DSLR (aka: the big fancy camera with interchanging lens) when their first child is born.  Sometimes it is purchased shortly after when their toddler is moving so fast that their...

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