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2014 May: Kids Were Here

5 years have passed since I first became a mother.  In some ways it does feel like it has been exactly that long.  In other ways it feels like my baby boy was just born.  I can still remember so many details from the delivery that it couldn’t have been 5 years ago.  I can...

2014 February – Kids Were Here

It has been awhile since I’ve participated in the Kids Were Here project and have missed it so.  This project has definitely helped me remain calm during times were I was going to lose it.  It has also recorded so many memories that would have otherwise would have gone accounted for by my camera.  Capturing...

November 2013 Kids Were Here

  October was a very busy year for a number of reasons.  The month just seemed to fly by…why can’t that happen during the really crappy months, like February.  In order to participate in this month’s KWH posting, I had to go back to some previous months for unused images.  It is nice to look...

October 2013 Kids Were Here

Another installment of KIDS WERE HERE.  Last month we only did a Facebook post because it was the end of summer and things were wrapping up.  This gave us more time for our family and more time to prepare for this month’s installment.  As I write this I am thinking of my little guy who...

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