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When I was pregnant I was so not politically correct when people would ask if I wanted a boy or a girl.  I said I wanted a girl.  I know you are supposed to say that you want either as long as the baby is healthy.  That is obviously true for any parent.  However, I had always dreamed of raising both a boy and a girl.  That to me would be the ideal setup.  However, I loved, loved, loved my relationship with my son plus I saw how close my husband was to his brothers, so if I had another boy I knew I would be very happy.  Part of me actually wanted a boy as well in hopes that they would have that great brotherly bond.  I have a father, father in law, brother, two brother in laws, two biological uncles, and the majority of my cousins are male.  I adore them all but it is a bit male dominated.  Thankfully in my male dominated world I have a sprinkling of AMAZING women (moms, aunts by marriage, cousins, and friends) that I wouldn’t trade for anything and I treasure.  However, a piece of me hoped for a girl of my own to do girly things with while my husband and my son were out being very macho together.  My own little partner in crime.  God blessed me with that amazing gift and I now I feel like our family is complete. She may not want to do any of those girly things, which is completely fine (I was a tomboy growing up), but I do hope to have an amazing mother-daughter bond.

So here is my little peanut…Natalia.  She is everything I hoped and more.  This post is a little bit overdue because we had a bumpy start after she was born and am just getting caught up.  I got a nasty infection and my room was made an isolation room in order to not get anyone else sick.  Getting sick less than 24 hours is just plain cruel. Thankfully the doctors and nurses at Lankenau Hospital were amazing. I was planning on taking more pics of just Natalia in the hospital but being sick that was not possible.  I was able get some of the family and a couple of our dear friends before getting sick.

We went into the hospital early Saturday morning but Natalia wasn’t born until very early Sunday morning.  This gave me and the hubs some time to relax and hang out together in the hospital room.  We watched a bunch of hgtv and got sucked in by a Cosby Show marathon.  It was a nice calm before the storm.  This pic was taken by the nurse right after she was born.

The granparents are smitten.

My biggest worry when I became pregnant was how it was going to affect my son.  Thankfully he was very understanding as my lap grew smaller and my stomach bigger.  He seemed to gave fallen in love with his sister immediately after meeting her.  I love seeing them together and hope that they will always be close. As you can see her father is already in love.

Already has her uncle wrapped around her finger.

Didn’t take long to start multi-tasking.  We are reading the books that Natalia gave Gavin as a gift.

Already being an amazing big brother.

Some of our favorite people.


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