Linvilla Orchards: Farm Market and Garden Center

I recently did a post on a trip to Linvilla Orchards with my cousin and our sons.  This post subsquently got me hired by Linvilla Orchards to take photos of the Farm Market and Garden Center for their new website.  I thought I would share some of the images from that job.

Linvilla has gone through a lot of change in recent years and everything keeps getting better and better.  In addition to the two main buildings, you can fish, participate in pick your own events for things like strawberries, pumpkins and Christmas trees, go on hayrides for all occasions, play on the wonderful wooden playground, feed farm animals…the list goes on and on.  I am so happy that I have this great resource so close to my home…and so is my son.  Linvilla is a family owned business and the staff is insanely nice and super helpful.  My time spent there during the shoot was a pleasure and I hope to do work with them in the future.

Below you will see pics of the Farm Market and Garden Center in detail.  They really do have a little bit of everything for everyone. Take notice of the massive hot sauce selection in the Farm Market.  Hot sauce seems to be a favorite of many guys and  you can never have too many….something that would be great as a Father’s Day Gift.  I was told by a staff member that there is one sauce where a tiny amount dispensed from a toothpick is all that should be used…that is insanity…although I am a wee bit curious to try it.  Enjoy the pics and don’t forget to stop on by and check them out in person

The interior of the Farm Market is filled with a huge selection…so many specialty items are available that you really need to take your time and not miss a wonderful product.  Plus…check out that wall of hot sauces and jams….there is a massive selection.

They have an excellent selection of fruits and vegetables.

You can pick your own strawberries…a great family activity.  Plus in a day and age where we have no idea where our food is coming from, you know exactly where your strawberries come from.

Their bakery is top notch and extremely tempting.  Cakes, pies, and doughnuts taunt you as you walk through the back of the store.

There is also ice cream and candy for the little kids (and big kids at heart).  My son was very excited for the ice cream.  Notice the little bags of runts…I saw many kids scoop things up.

The staff is very friendly upon check out…they even have these great reusable bags with the Linvilla Orchards logo on them.

The Garden center has a little bit of everything for everyone.

In addition to all of the garden related items, there is a wide variety of fine gifts you can purchase in the garden center.

Have your kids explore the toy area while you shop.  There are a ton of Melissa and Doug toys available…they make a great quality product.

I love the architecture of the garden center.

More gift ideas.

The back of the garden center is very pretty and the staff knows their plants.

Why buy tomatoes when you can grown your own…

They have some beautiful flowers as well.

I hope you enjoyed your tour of just a portion of Linvilla Orchards.  There is even more to explore so make a visit!

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