ProjectTEN: February

ProjectTen: Ten women. 
Ten photos.
On day ten.

Round Two of ProjectTEN.  I am loving having accountability when it comes to taking pictures of my children.  Every day I photograph them with my cell phone because it is so accessible but I really need to be more diligent when it comes to picking up my big girl camera.  Having a little push/reminder really does enable me to capture those precious moments that would have been stuck on my cell phone without the project.  I am thankful for the other lovely ladies in this project that are nudging each other along. Every once in a while I get the urge to go back to basics and do things the hard way.  I attempted to make pizza dough from scratch one Friday night.  All of the recipes I see online make it seem so easy.  Thankfully I had little hands to help.  It turned out ok but I definitely need some practice.

Whenever my mom goes away for the weekend, we make sure to have my father over for dinner since he is basically useless in the kitchen (sorry dad…you are great is so many other areas though.).  It is nice because it allows some one on one time with the grandkids without grand mom around.  My son is always so excited to play memory with him.  The background in the top photo below bothers me because of where the doorframe is coming in but I love the look on my son’s face as he talks to his grand pop.

He is also very excited when he is winning.

So much of my time home is spent in one corner of the kitchen.  Many nights, my daughter likes to keep me company by taking out all pots and pans.  Thankfully I had my camera on hand when Paul Simon came on the radio.  Jam on little one.

Camden, New Jersey’s Adventure Aquarium is now running a great exhibit called Dinosaurs of the Deep.  My son is dinosaur obsessed so I made sure to bring him to this exhibit soon after it opened.  We went on a Friday afternoon and were so lucky because the whole place was practically empty.  This allowed us to access everything so easily.  We even got to go into the shark tunnel without anybody else in it.

I attempted to get myself into one shot for this series.  My kids love when they ride on my legs and can do it for hours if I let them.  I try to count it as part of my exercise regime…does it count?

The east coast was supposed to get hit by a massive blizzard a few weeks ago but only the Boston area seemed to truly get hit with said blizzard.  My kids were upset that there wasn’t much snow but we made the most of it by playing in what snow was left.

My husband was working from home and was even able to pry himself away from his computer for a few minutes.  He is much  better at sledding with them and the kids had a blast.

There are so many talented ladies participating in this project,  please take the time to check out their pages as well:

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