Finally there is help with envisioining your photos on your walls!!!

My previous experience as interior designer taught me that most people have a hard time envisioning a proposed designed for an interior space.  Back in the day we had to rely on painstakingly hand drawn perspectives and elevations to accurately portray our designs.  Over time, software was developed in order to automate the process and provide a more in depth visual for the client.  This helped reduce miscommunications and created a space that a client loved because it was thought out thoroughly in advance.

Now, as a photographer, I feel clients have a hard time comprehending what their images would look like when installed in their home.  Many people play it safe and order an 8 x 10 or 11 x14 at most, which is absolutely fine and appropriate for certain situations.  However, a much bigger size may really be more appropriate and have way more impact.  My goal during a photo shoot is for us to create a piece of art together.  We will work together to determine the proper size and location of this piece of art so that it fits perfectly in your home.


I am happy to announce that I now have software that will help us determine the proper size of your piece of art using actual images from your session.  The software makes the process both easy and fun.  This software will be used in our in-person ordering system after the shoot.  Bonus…we can even use a photo of a wall in your own house.  No more having to guess what it would look like installed.  Questions like “Will it be too small or too big for that wall?” and “What will these images look like when put on a wall together?” will no longer be an issue.

Here are some examples of images from previous photoshoots using this new software.

The following is a framed 20×16, much larger than the typically printed 8×10 or 11×14, and it is obviously too small for the wall.  The impact and emotion is not as powerful.

20x16 - Too small for the wall

Mention 40×30 to a client and they might go running out the door.  It sounds GIGANTIC.  However, a framed 40×30 of this beautiful maternity image fits just perfectly in this space.  This size creates a statement piece for the room.  The larger size also provides more emotion and shows more detail.  Being pregnant is such a special time, this image is a wonderful way to celebrate those amazing memories.

40x30 Just the right size for the wall

Sometimes just one image isn’t enough or it is simply too hard to narrow down your favorites.  Displaying multiple images in a collage on the wall is a fantastic way to showcase all of the memories and emotions from a session.  Below are a few examples of how images can be combined to create a wall collage that features some of your favorite shots.

I am excited to use this new software with my clients.  It will make in person ordering so much less stressful.  Any previous clients who would like to see their images in this software please let me know.  I would be happy to showcase an “old” image for you on my blog.

Hope you are as excited about this new option as I am!


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