March 2015: ProjectTEN

ProjectTen: Ten women. 
Ten photos.
On day ten.

Our third month of focusing on our families in addition to our clients.  This has been a wonderful project because I have found myself picking up my camera way more than I used to and capturing some wonderful memories of my children.  This month my baby turned 2 so the majority of the images focus on her.  Clearly no longer a baby…she will remind you she is a big girl..or sometimes a boy.  I love seeing her personality show and her vocabulary explode even more than it already has for a child her age.  

Being that my youngest is now two…she is very active and into everything.  Things like this happen when I turn my back for a moment.  Looks like a warrior…no?  

Drawing is big in our house.  I would say it is the number one activity and is a must daily.  My son is obsessed with dinosaurs and spends hours every day perfecting every type of dinosaur known to man.  I am proud of his devotion, dedication, and creativity.  The drawings continue to get more complex and I see a definite style that most adults are not capable of achieving.

Sleep is a bad word to my daughter.  She will fight naps and going to bed at night every day.  I think she feels like she is going to miss something.  Every once in awhile she’ll wake up earlier than normal.  When that happens…this is usually the end result.

Turning two was so much fun.  She was so excited to have her grandparents and uncle help celebrate with her.  We did a cupcake themed party that made her giddy.  The wonderful thing about being 2 is that expectations are so low and yet the celebration level is so high.

Much like everyone else that lives in a cold weather climate…the snow is making us a bit batty.  Every once in awhile I let my two year old use my 5 year old’s paints.  Paint usually ends up everywhere but the paper but it is a great sensory experience.

Ta-dah.  “For you Mommy.”  Bless her heart.

Signs of spring are finally here.  Yesterday we had temperatures in the 50s and things are finally starting to melt.  We were very grateful for some time at the park.  My son celebrated with Oreos.

And they’re off…

Being two and a little less fearful.  She went on the big kids slide…although she was very cautious and held onto the bars the whole length of the walkway.  This was a relief to mommy.

There are so many talented ladies participating in this project,  please take the time to check out their pages as well:

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