Photography Tips: Tip #1 – Get Down on Their Level

In photography tips I will teach you simple tips to improve your photographs.

Many parents purchase their first DSLR (aka: the big fancy camera with interchanging lens) when their first child is born.  Sometimes it is purchased shortly after when their toddler is moving so fast that their point and shoot can no longer keep up.  Attempting to learn all of the wonderful bells and whistles of this fancy camera is quite challenging when coupled with sleepless nights and temper tantruming children.  My goal is to teach you a very simple photography tips, that when paired together over time, will drastically improve your photo taking ability so you don’t miss those precious memories.The first simple tip I will start with is to GET DOWN ON THE CHILD’S LEVEL.  I see so many pictures where the child is on the floor and the parent is shooting from up above…ultimately not effectively capturing the cuteness in the moment.  Instead – kneel, sit, lay on the floor in order to get on their level…not only will this create a much better composition but it puts you in a position where interaction with the child becomes easier and more productive.

NOTE: Getting close and filling the frame with the child will help minimize background distractions.  Conversely, back up and show the child in context when you are in a beautiful setting…as illustrated in the above image.

If you feel that this tip has improved your photos, please feel free to email me or post the image on my wall.

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