Dutch Wonderland {Things to do with kids in Philadelphia}

A few years ago, my husband and I took my son (he was 2 at the time) to Dutch Wonderland for Halloween.  We had a great time and I am not sure why it took me so long to return.  Once my son found out that they had a dinosaur exhibit, we had to go back asap.  So we wrangled up some of our favorite people and made a day of it.  If you have never been to Dutch Wonderland and have small children, I highly recommend it.  There are so many great rides…us moms wanted to repeat a few all on our own…and just general activities to do.  They have a food area with the usual suspects.  I actually recommend upgrading your parking so you can park closer to the entrance then you can go out to your car and eat lunch  instead…it would definitely be cheaper and most likely of better quality.  It can be a long day in the park, esp with the drive to and from, so if I can have a cooler packed with healthy snacks, water, etc then it will create less meltdowns throughout the day.

As soon as we hit the park we ran into the dutch wonderland dragon.  Our friend was not shy and ran right up.  They had a blast interacting together.  Loved that she got so much one on one time.

20150827 Dutch Wonderland_0120150827 Dutch Wonderland_02
20150827 Dutch Wonderland_0420150827 Dutch Wonderland_0520150827 Dutch Wonderland_06

There are many rides that the kids can ride all by themselves. My daughter becomes a beauty pageant as she goes around and loves to wave.

20150827 Dutch Wonderland_0720150827 Dutch Wonderland_0820150827 Dutch Wonderland_09

Their dinosaur exhibit was great.  My son was so excited.  They moved slightly and made sounds. Very little ones may be a bit scared because they are realistic.

20150827 Dutch Wonderland_1020150827 Dutch Wonderland_1120150827 Dutch Wonderland_1220150827 Dutch Wonderland_1320150827 Dutch Wonderland_1420150827 Dutch Wonderland_1520150827 Dutch Wonderland_1620150827 Dutch Wonderland_1720150827 Dutch Wonderland_1820150827 Dutch Wonderland_1920150827 Dutch Wonderland_2020150827 Dutch Wonderland_2120150827 Dutch Wonderland_22

Personally, I loved the signage they had in the dinosaur area.  🙂

20150827 Dutch Wonderland_2320150827 Dutch Wonderland_2420150827 Dutch Wonderland_2520150827 Dutch Wonderland_2620150827 Dutch Wonderland_2720150827 Dutch Wonderland_2820150827 Dutch Wonderland_2920150827 Dutch Wonderland_3020150827 Dutch Wonderland_3120150827 Dutch Wonderland_3220150827 Dutch Wonderland_3320150827 Dutch Wonderland_34

If you need to have some friends wait outside the dinosaur exhibit, there is a great sand play area with umbrella.

20150827 Dutch Wonderland_3520150827 Dutch Wonderland_3620150827 Dutch Wonderland_3720150827 Dutch Wonderland_3820150827 Dutch Wonderland_3920150827 Dutch Wonderland_4020150827 Dutch Wonderland_41

We took the tram car around the park, which is a great way to see where everything is and what you want to do first if you have never been.

20150827 Dutch Wonderland_4220150827 Dutch Wonderland_4320150827 Dutch Wonderland_4420150827 Dutch Wonderland_4520150827 Dutch Wonderland_4620150827 Dutch Wonderland_47

A fun spin on a classic ride, the kids were not expecting as much of a twirl…neither did my girlfriend.  So fun though.

20150827 Dutch Wonderland_48

Trying to figure out what we didn’t hit that day.

20150827 Dutch Wonderland_4920150827 Dutch Wonderland_50

I have a soft spot for carousels.  Philadelphia is well known for being a major producer of carousels and you can still find them throughout the tri state area.  The old ones are beautiful.  Plus I love that I can stand inside and take pictures as the kid’s faces light up.  The interior lighting doesn’t hurt matters as well.

20150827 Dutch Wonderland_51
20150827 Dutch Wonderland_53
20150827 Dutch Wonderland_55Favorite two pictures of Natalia for the day.  So excited.

20150827 Dutch Wonderland_5620150827 Dutch Wonderland_5720150827 Dutch Wonderland_5820150827 Dutch Wonderland_5920150827 Dutch Wonderland_60

I think this was an overall favorite ride…we did it twice.  The kids loved taking turns driving the boats.  I liked just relaxing in the boat.

20150827 Dutch Wonderland_6120150827 Dutch Wonderland_6220150827 Dutch Wonderland_6320150827 Dutch Wonderland_6420150827 Dutch Wonderland_6520150827 Dutch Wonderland_6620150827 Dutch Wonderland_6720150827 Dutch Wonderland_6820150827 Dutch Wonderland_6920150827 Dutch Wonderland_70

This was fun but I didn’t realize it was only one way.  We left the stroller at the one side and had to walk all the way back in order to get it.  Not a big deal if you work it into your plans.

20150827 Dutch Wonderland_71
20150827 Dutch Wonderland_7320150827 Dutch Wonderland_7420150827 Dutch Wonderland_7520150827 Dutch Wonderland_7620150827 Dutch Wonderland_77

Second time on the boats…she is a pro this time around.  🙂

20150827 Dutch Wonderland_7820150827 Dutch Wonderland_7920150827 Dutch Wonderland_80

If you have not been to Dutch Wonderland and are looking for somewhere that won’t completely break the bank, then I highly recommend going.  This park has more of nostalgic feel while still keeping things well maintained and modern.  They do things throughout the year as well…check out their website for specifics:



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