The {S} family was regretting not getting their daughter photographed as a newborn and then again at about a few months old, so they made getting her 6 month pictures a priority.  There are a number of reason why this was a very smart decision on the parent’s part. As a seasoned family photographer and mother of 2, I can look back with experience and say that age 6 months is a fantastic age for a family photoshoot.


1.) A 6 month old is still a cute little baby but with so much more personality than a newborn.

Let’s face it, newborns are teeny tiny and totally adorable but pretty boring.  I mean all they do is lie there and make you do everything.  Sure they will give you a smile from time to time and hold your finger but it isn’t until they get a little older for their personality to come out.

Parents holding giggling baby girl in Wissahickon Creek ParkFamily of three lovingly interacting

6 month old baby girl with big smile

2.) A 6 month old can typically sit up on their own but not crawl anywhere.

This is the sweet spot where a baby can sit up by themselves but they can not go anywhere.  They have a bit of new found freedom, which allows them to entertain themselves a bit, but can’t get themselves into trouble by exploring the house, injuring themselves, and leaving a path of destruction behind them.  This creates so many opportunities to capture their cuteness.

6 month old baby girl sitting up outside

6 month old girl sitting up in garden in Wissahickon Creek park

3.) A 6 month old still has those yummy baby qualities but somehow even cuter.

Even though they are so much more advanced than their newborn self, they still have the chubby baby legs, dimpled baby hands, and tiny baby feet.  Those cute baby details are even cuter now because they have a bit more baby fat and it makes you want to eat them up.

Father and daughter in a garden

Father holding daughter in garden focus on handsBaby hand on daddy’s arm

father holding daughter with sweet baby feet

6 month baby girl being held by mother with hand in mouth

4.) A 6 month old isn’t as delicate as a newborn and can be tossed around for fun.

Newborns need to be handled with a bit more care than 6 month olds.  They do not have the neck strength to even hold up their own head let alone be tossed around. A 6 month old can be swung around for smiles and giggles.

Mother and daughter playfully interacting and cuddling

Adorable family of three

5.) A 6 month old will actually look at the camera for a family picture.

Both newborns and fully grown kids have a tendency to look anywhere but at the camera. Thankfully, the attention of a 6 month old can be gained with the jiggling of a toy or a silly jig.

father, mother, and daughter family picturesFamily of three family pictureMother, father and daughter family picture

6.) A 6 month old can easily be held and cuddled.

As a mom of a 9 and 5 year old, I can say that they are no longer easy to lift, let alone hold in my arms.  Sure they can help by holding on but gone are the days of carrying them around easily on my hip, something I miss doing with my own children.  Quite frankly,  I wish I had more pictures of me holding my children because it truly is a special stage of life.

Mother lovingly holding daughter in the woodsGiggling baby girl being held by motherblack and white photo of smiling girl and mom.


Mother, father, and baby walking in the woods

We decided to use the beautiful landscape of Philadelphia’s Wissahickon Valley Creek Park for our location.  It is located outside of Center City Philadelphia in the Manayunk/Mount Airy/Chestnut Hill area.  It is an amazing area to hike, bike, or fish.  There are lovely old buildings and a big, gorgeous trees.  The lighting at the end of the day is just amazing.  Mom and Dad coordinated their clothing perfectly, their blue and yellow outfits were perfect choices against the natural background.  The patterns on their clothing is playful and interesting but still classic and subtle so these images will be classic as time passes.  Aren’t the headbands that both mom and daughter are wearing absolutely fabulous?  The headbands make the outfits and are a wonderful way to put their personalities into their clothing as well as connect them as mother and daughter.

Thank you {S} family for being such a beautiful family inside and out.  As brand new parents, you are killing this whole parenting thing.  Keep up the great work.  I can’t wait to photograph {H} for her 1 year photos, especially in her traditional Korean clothing.


Family pictures look fantastic on your walls…here are just a few ideas of how the same grouping impacts a room.

Family photos in nursery

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Other 6 month olds that stole my heart…

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